Pest Control Across Lincolnshire

Throughout the year as the weather changes so do the needs of our customers. Right now, we are in the middle of winter and although it has been very mild so far this has not slowed down the amount of rat and mouse calls we are receiving from all across Lincolnshire.

Rodent Pest Control

Both Rat and mouse infestations can be extremely damaging to your property and health and need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally. Here at Pestcotek we are experts in controlling rodents and the use of various trapping and baiting techniques. From Stamford to Hull we offer a same day service and free quotation, so if you have or suspect you have a rodent problem do not hesitate to call.

Image of Rat trapped under bathtub using Mark 4 Fenn trap In Newark-On-Trent

Feral Pigeons

Some pests can cause issues year round. Feral pigeons frequently nest under solar panel arrays on roof tops. In no time at all the space under the panels becomes clogged with nesting material, dead birds and bird droppings. The guttering becomes filled and blocked and bird mess fouls pathways and windowsills. Not a very hygienic situation! Pestcotek offer a solar panel proofing service using specialised products made specifically for this task. We also clean guttering and nesting material from under the panels and spray the roof top with specialist disinfectants to destroy bird pathogens and bird mites. Covering the whole of Lincolnshire, we offer a friendly, family run service with a free site survey and quotation. If feral pigeons are blighting your home do not hesitate to call us today!

Solar Panel Bird Proofing In Grimsby


Moles are also very active at the moment, busily tunneling away hunting worms oblivious to damage to our lawns they are causing. Pestcotek do not control moles using chemicals or gas, we only use humane and traditional trapping. Trapping moles is an art and takes years of practice to become effective. If mole hills are appearing on your lawn do not leave it too long, contact us for a free site survey today, anywhere in Lincolnshire.

Mole Trapping In Lincoln

If you need help or advice with any pest problem, big or small. Pestcotek is always here to help.

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