Domestic Rodent Infestation

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We can break domestic rodent infestations into two basic categories. Internal and external. This is a critical distinction and directs the course of a treatment. We will come back to this in a moment.

What species of rodent?

Externally we are concerned with rats and squirrels, mice are not treated in gardens but may be treated in garages and sheds where they can cause damage. Internally we are talking about rats, mice and squirrels.

Squirrel on the roof of a house

Internal Rodent problems

The last thing any householder wants to discover is the presence of rodents within a home. All species cause damage to pipes and electrical cables, all species carry parasites that can be passed on to humans and all species present varying disease risks. Not to mention the disruption and distress that the nightly noises of chewing and scurrying cause.

If rodents are suspected within a property, then it is important to have a qualified Pest technician come and conduct a site survey. Here at Pestcotek a site survey is free of charge, and we cover the whole of Lincolnshire. The purpose of a site survey is multiple.

Correct species identification is top of that list. When the species is known, the correct treatment plan can be implemented.

How are the rodents entering into the property? The method of entry will differ between Rats, Mice, and squirrels and only by finding the route into the property can a permanent solution be found. Again, Pestcotek technicians are experts at identifying entry routes.

Loft Insulation in drain where rats have entered the loft space via a defective drain.

External Rodent Problems

Garden rat infestations can be very distressing and pose a serious health risk. There can be many underlying causes of a rat infestations and a site survey is essential to find these factors. Typically, people use Anticoagulant Rodenticides (often known as Rat poison) to control rats in gardens but is there a wider environmental impact? Could local wildlife also be being poisoned? The sad answer is yes other, non-target animals may be affected if Rodenticides are used incorrectly. Amateur use products are rarely effective and often misused. Always use a professional Pest control company.