Noises In The Loft

Whats is that noise?

When we receive a call here at Pestcotek one of the most common queries is “We are hearing noises in the loft, do you know what is causing them?” This is especially common at this time of year with the onset of spring and better weather.

So, what is causing the noises in the loft?

There are typically three explanations in Lincolnshire, and we will go through these individually.

Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels are a highly successful invasive species, introduced to this country towards the end of the 19th century. They became common in our region by the 1940’s and have completely destroyed our native red squirrel population. This species causes millions of pounds worth of damage to forestry, agriculture and domestic properties. They also predate on bird nests eating both eggs and chicks. Roof spaces provide an ideal nesting site for squirrels and they use the loft insulation to make a nest (known as a drey). Producing 2 litters a year numbers can grow very rapidly, and they will chew on cables, pipes and beams. The most effective method of dealing with squirrels is the use of traps. Here at Pestcotek we are expert in the trapping of grey squirrels so if you know or suspect you have grey squirrels in your roof don’t hesitate, call us today!

Squirrel Control in Lincoln


Rats also love to nest in loft spaces, where they differ from squirrels is how they get into a roof space. Rats enter via the cavity space of a property often from a fault with the drains. This can cause serious and persistent re-infestations. The damage rats cause can be very serious, and they also pose a significant health risk. If you suspect rat activity in your roof call Pestcotek today for a free site survey.

Rats trapped in a loft space in Lincoln


There are two species of mice we are concerned about in this regard. Field mice and house mice. Both species will make their homes in our roof spaces but need to be treated in different ways.  If you suspect mouse activity call Pestcotek today and one of our fully qualified technicians will attend and determine which species it is and apply the appropriate treatment. Do not underestimate the damage mice cause, they will chew cables and pipes causing leaks and power failures.

Mouse traps deployed in Grimsby

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