How To Deal With Wasps In Gainsborough

wasp removal in Gainsborough

If you have never been stung by a wasp you are one of the lucky ones. Most of us have suffered a wasp sting at some point in our lives and if you have you will know that they are exceedingly painful.

Most of the time you only see the odd wasp, so if you see a lot of activity around your home or garden, then it is very likely that there is a wasp nest nearby. As we get towards the end of summer there can be thousands of wasps in a single nest. The nests can be underground, in cavity walls and lofts, and in trees and shrubs. If you see a lot of wasps flying backwards and forwards it is probably the nest entrance.

Last year was a very hot summer, and one company reported an increase in wasp problems of 108% – over double the previous year – and this summer also seems to be very warm, so it would not be surprising to see a lot more wasps about. They are not usually too much trouble at the beginning of the year when they are building their nest, but as we approach September their work is done for the year. They begin to feed on sugary plants, and they become dozy. That is when they are at their most dangerous.

There are two main types of wasp in the UK – the common wasp and the German wasp. It is the female who carries the sting, and unlike the bee she can sting many times. This is because when a bee stings it loses the sting, which stays in your skin, and the bee will then die. The wasp doesn’t lose her sting. Not only that, if the wasp feels threatened, she will call for her mates and they may all come out and sting you too. This is why having a wasp nest around your home is not a good idea: you should get rid of it.

There are some tips for avoiding wasp stings, one of which is not to panic or run away but move away slowly. Don’t wave your arms around. Avoid wearing highly perfumed fragrances and avoid wearing bright coloured clothing. Also avoid leaving drinks cans open and never leave sugary drinks unattended. If you are drinking them, check the glass every time you pick it up: you don’t want to swallow a wasp!

If you are in need of wasp removal in Gainsborough, do NOT try to remove the nest yourself. Call us at Pestcotek instead. We are the experts at finding and dealing with wasps’ nests and we can solve your problem for you. Better to be safe than sorry