How To Check For The Curse Of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem worldwide. With the ever-growing amount of world travel, they are very easily transported from one place to another, often in luggage, but also in clothing. They can infect even the most prestigious of hotels, because simply having a lot of money and being able to pay for the most expensive hotel rooms doesn’t mean that an individual is necessarily the sort of person who takes care of him or herself.

Unfortunately, this means that when you have travelled abroad, you can be at risk of bringing bedbugs back with you, no matter how fastidious you may be. When you arrive in a hotel you can check for bedbugs, which are small, flat, oval-shaped and about 5mm in size. They are a reddish-brown colour. Check the headboard of the bed and pull it away from the wall for signs of them.

You will, of course have fresh sheets, but bedbugs can easily infest them very quickly. If you see blood smears on the sheets after a few days, it indicates they are present. You may also see dark or black stains, which is their excretion. You may also see shed skin which juvenile bedbugs shed as they grow.

You should also check bedside cabinets, chairs, ornaments, lamps, picture frames, and skirting boards. In addition, they can live in electrical sockets, wardrobes, on carpets, and in throws. It is not nice to have to do this when you have just arrived in a hotel for a fortnight’s holiday, but better to do so than bring bedbugs back home with you.

Luggage is a favourite hideaway, so before you begin your check, it is a good idea to put your luggage in the en-suite bathroom to prevent unwanted stowaways.

When you return home, you should wash your clothes in a temperature of at least 60 degrees and place them in the tumble dryer on maximum heat for 30 minutes. Check your luggage again, and check furniture near to the bed, such as bedside cabinets. Keep your bedroom clean and tidy, because you can see signs of infestation a lot more easily in a tidy room.

If you want to know how to get rid of bedbugs in Boston there are several DIY products that you can buy, such as sprays, but unfortunately bedbugs have built up a resistance to many of them, so they may not be totally effective. This can make even professional treatment difficult, but fortunately we have a range of solutions which can get rid of them and make sure that they don’t return and multiply.

Whatever you do, don’t leave it. Bedbugs can lay as many as 500 eggs over a two month period.