Woodworm Control Lincolnshire

Although more rare than cockroaches or rodents, woodworm are among the most destructive household pests. Home owners who’ve been unlucky enough to experience such infestation know how hard it is to get rid of those pesky invaders and how the damage they do is often beyond any repair. That’s why it is crucial to understand the common reasons why woodworm might infect your home.

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  • Woodworm Control Lincolnshire
    Exit Holes in Timber – Woodworm exit holes are oval shaped or round, the holes seem to appear clear and fresh
  • Tunnels Bored Into The Wood – Woodworm tunnels or ‘galleries’ are often difficult to see
  • Bore Dust – Woodworm bore dust is dust create by adult beetles emerging after their larvae stage bore dust is also known as ‘frass’ you can generally spot bore dust below the infested timber
  • Damaged and Weakened Floorboards – Some extreme cases of woodworm can make floorboards unsafe due to excessive boring
  • Crumbing Wood – You will notice damage from the woodworm in the form of wood crumbing around roof joists and floorboards.
  • Dead Adult Beetles – You can often find dead adult woodworm beetles that have emerged from the wood
  • Adult Beetles – Emerge from wood between May and October
  • Eggs – Woodworm eggs sizes differ depending on the beetle, but generally are very difficult to spot with the naked eye
  • Woodworm Larvae – Generally a creamy or white colour

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