Wild Creatures Can Change From “Lovely” To “Pest” Overnight

It is a fact of life that we have many wild creatures in the UK, and by and large we love most of them. Rabbits? Lovely little things. Squirrels? “Ahh, look at him running up and down that tree”. Seagulls? Lovely to see them when you go for a seaside holiday. You get the idea.

However, when they get into or around your home or business it’s a whole new ball game. Those same lovely little furry rabbits are eating their way through your vegetable patch, and it won’t be long before they start on your dahlias. Squirrels? In your loft? Chewing through your electricity cables? Pigeons? Do you seriously want pigeon droppings all over your car in the drive? (As an aside, it was the late Denis Norden who said: “There is an unseen force which tells birds when you have just washed your car!”). Pigeon droppings are also highly acidic and can cause bacterial build-ups of encephalitis, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, meningitis, and more.

Yes, those lovely little creatures can become anything from just infuriating, such as the mole who digs up your carefully manicured lawn, to very dangerous such as squirrels or rats which chew your electricity cables and can easily start a fire.

Unfortunately, an invasion of pests can happen to anyoneanywhere, at any time, so if you need pest control services in Stamfordyou need to call us at Pestcotek in order to get rid of the pests for you. Wecan deal with every pest that there is, so whatever problem you have, we can removeit.

Even a bees’ nest can be a problem, but bees are a special case. They pollinate a lot of our plants and thus are involved in producing a lot of the food we eat. If you need to get rid of a bees’ nest we will usually be able to remove it and take it to somewhere that they will not cause a problem, or give it to a beekeeper who will be delighted, although, having said that, if you leave bees alone they will usually return the compliment.

However, rats and mice are a different problem. You can get mice in your kitchen where they will nest somewhere such as in a cupboard or behind a fixture. They like it in your kitchen because there is plenty of food about!

What about bed bugs? They are not a nice problem to have at all. You will often find that you have brought them back home with you after staying in a hotel on a holiday. You could have an invasion of ants, which is another problem.

The good news is that whatever pest trouble you are suffering in Stamford, at Pestcotek we can deal with it.