The Expansion of Pestcotek – York

Here on the Pestcotek blog, you may have already read how Pestcotek not only serves Lincolnshire with Pest Control Services, but also Leeds, Selby, Hull and Sheffield. In addition, we would just like to take this opportunity to express how we are very proud to be serving the ancient city of York.

Known to the Romans as Eboracum, to the Saxons as Eoforwick, to the Vikings as Jorvik, and known to us as York, the city holds many charms. York Minster is a great spectacle to behold, along with the city’s medieval architecture and Georgian town houses. The city we know today, the city we may visit for the weekend or for a day out, is a major tourist attraction. This city of historic architecture combines ancient splendour with fashionable restaurants, bars, shops and old fashioned public houses. The city is encircled by an ancient Roman wall around which visitors to York can take a turn in part or in full.

Stonegate and Petergate are two streets in York known for their style as thoroughfares endowed with fashionable retail outlets. These two streets originally led to the Roman headquarters, which, 2000 years ago, occupied the site on which the Minster now stands. These streets were originally known as Via Praetoria and Via Principalis.

The Minster itself took 250 years to construct. It was consecrated in the year 1472. The Minster contains the greatest concentration of medieval stained glass in England. The great east window measures 186 square metres: it is thought to be the largest area of stained glass in the world.

Many will be familiar with the medieval snickleways and narrow streets that wind their way through the city centre of York. The names of these thoroughfares resound in the memories of tourists across the world: Swinegate, Mad Alice Lane, Whip-Ma-Wop-Ma Gate, Coffee Yard, Grape Lane and – most famously – The Shambles. Today these micro-streets are home to fashionable boutique shops.

York is internationally recognised for its archaeology. JORVIK, which is a state-of-the-art visitor attraction, has won broad acclaim. The dig there began in 1976 and continues to draw tourists on a global scale. In uncovering the Viking village, over 15000 ancient objects have been recovered. The site now revealed shows evidence of wells, workshops, latrines and wells. Archaeologists famously uncovered an exquisitely preserved Anglo Saxon helmet, which now forms part of the collection at the Castle Museum.

The aforementioned Georgian town houses are existing evidence of the 18th century trend for the monied classes to relocate to York as an alternative to London. The architectural gems now remaining are an elegant contrast to the equally evocative medieval structures.

The National Railway Museum s another draw on British tourism about which the city may boast. York was chosen as the home for the museum because of its awarding-winning Victorian railway station. The city’s first railway station was built in 1839. The present edifice dates from 1877 – at the time it was the largest in Europe. The museum sees half a million visitors each year and houses over 100 engines and supporting exhibitions

York can also boast a recent history in the confectionary industry – specifically chocolate. Rowntree’s and Terry’s built their factories in the city in the 20th century. Many will be familiar with Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Terry’s All Gold, they will be with the Rowntree confections, Smarties, Aero and Kit Kat. York’s social, economic and industrial history is intertwined with the development of these world famous chocolates.

The city is the home of the prestigious University of York and University of Ripon and York St. John. The city is also served by Askham Bryan agricultural college and the College of Law. Students at these institutions play an important role in the ongoing economic well-being and cultural life of York.

In the Summer, York sees thousands flock to the city for the racing season. Between May and October visitors can enjoy the Ebor Races where high fashion and high jinx are the in the order of things.

Whether you are a business reliant or contingent on the tourist industry of York – shop, restaurant, pub, tourist attraction – or you are in the confectionary industry, or, indeed, if you are involved in the world of academia or scholarship, Pestcotek is here both to prevent and cure those unpleasant pestilential interruptions to your daily affairs, which can cause so much inconvenience, damage and financial duress. We are extremely proud to be serving a city with an exceptionally rich history and current economic and cultural vibrancy.