Noises In The Loft

Whats is that noise?

When we receive a call here at Pestcotek one of the most common queries is “We are hearing noises in the loft, do you know what is causing them?” This is especially common at this time of year with the onset of spring and better weather.

So, what is causing the noises in the loft?

There are typically three explanations in Lincolnshire, and we will go through these individually.

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Rat or Mouse Infestation In Lincolnshire

With winter fast approaching, it’s the time of year when you are most likely to find rats and mice in or around your home. Lincolnshire is a rural county with a massive rodent population. During the plentiful summer months rats and mice feed and breed in and around cereal crop fields, but after the harvest they are forced to seek food elsewhere. This often brings them into our gardens. If left to their own devices it does not take long for them to become established and start to breed.

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