Squirrel Control Lincolnshire

Most species of wildlife we are able to coexist peacefully with whilst they are in their natural habitat, as certain species get used to people being around them. Unfortunately, this can often cause damage to property and potentially increase the risk of the transfer of disease.

Squirrels for example can often get out of control in terms of their population and as a result can cause risks to human health and property.

Signs Of Squirrel Activity:
  • Digging in lawns causing holes
  • Damage to fruits and vegetables
  • Distinctive scurrying sounds in roof spaces and attics
  • Tree damage
  • Bird feeder damage

Squirrels tend to have grey coats with a white underside, though sometimes to colour of the coat can be a brownish colour. They grow up to around 30cm long and have a bushy tail which is nearly as long as it’s body.

Squirrel Control Specialists

Structural Damage

Squirrels cause most of their damage one they get access to the roof space of a house, by climbing up the walls, gutters or simply jumping from trees onto the property. Once they have access and get inside the will chew insulation from electrical wiring, tear up the fibre glass insulation, chew on woodwork and on ceilings and they are often found in cold water storage tanks after they have drowned.

Grey squirrels tend to eat acorns, berries, tree bark, buds and other vegetation so generally they are herbivorous but if there is not much food about they will eat insects, birds eggs or their chicks and smaller rodents.

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