Silverfish Control Lincolnshire

Usually people tend to detect silverfish when they find one on their kitchen floor, or the bathroom floor or in a bathtub or sink. The damage they cause when feeding can also be a telltale sign of silverfish as well as their pepper like faeces.

Silverfish are very much nocturnal and tend to be quite a secretive insect, so much so in fact a silverfish infestation may go unnoticed for quite some time, which means the problem can be quite substantial before the infestation is even noticed.

Silverfish have some rather destructive feeding habit they often ruin clothing, wallpaper and paper. They prefer to live in damp and dark places, generally in kitchens bathrooms and attics.

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Silverfish Appearance

  • Blue/silver or grey in colour
  • They have a tapered shiny slender body
  • Two long antennae
  • Teardrop shaped and measure around 10-12 mm in length

Contact Pestcotek FREE on 0800 092 1979 for a free quotation on silverfish control

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