Gull Control & Management Lincolnshire

Sea Gull Identification

Sea gulls are very intelligent birds and exist in great numbers generally along the coast but also can be found living at rivers and lakes more inland. Gulls drink both fresh and salt water and as scavengers they are very adaptable in terms of their diet. Sea gulls will eat anything from rubbish, to small rodents, small birds and dead fish.

Gulls are generally between 18 anywhere up to 24 inches tall and weigh from 1 – 2 kg. They are usually light coloured with black colouring on their wing tips. The colour of the sea gull can change throughout the year depending on the season and the species.

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Effective Gull Control

Damage Caused by Sea Gulls

Gull control problems are usually based at rubbish sites due to the abundance of food as well as being present at beaches and piers where there is significant human activity and fisherman activity. Gulls often flock in huge numbers, which can cause dangerous conditions for aircraft. Gull guano or gull droppings can cause damage to buildings and property as their droppings have a high acidic content.

You can often see build-up of gull’s droppings on streetlights, buildings in coastal areas and on boats. Other gull problems are slip and fall liability from the gull droppings building up on a commercial premises. Gull droppings build up can cause a number of bacterial infections and can be very hazardous to human health. Some of the diseases include encephalitis, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, meningitis and more.

Businesses often have to pay out significant amounts of money to clean up gull droppings unless the issue is addressed early.

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