Rat or Mouse Infestation In Lincolnshire

With winter fast approaching, it’s the time of year when you are most likely to find rats and mice in or around your home. Lincolnshire is a rural county with a massive rodent population. During the plentiful summer months rats and mice feed and breed in and around cereal crop fields, but after the harvest they are forced to seek food elsewhere. This often brings them into our gardens. If left to their own devices it does not take long for them to become established and start to breed.

What are the signs to look for? 

Rat burrows may appear, often under bird feeders, sheds or paving slabs. These burrows can be extensive and hold many rats. If they are very close to the property they can extend under the walls and rats may find their way into the cavity walls and loft space.

Rats are creatures of habit and will use the same route to a food source from the nesting area. These routes can be seen as pathways across a lawn or under a fence.

Rat Run In Garden

What should you do if you have seen rats or suspect you have rats in your garden?

Get in touch with Pestcotek and book a free site survey. One of our qualified technicians will attend the same day, anywhere in Lincolnshire. It can take an expert eye to determine the extent of the problem and to deliver effective rodent control.

At Pestcotek we strongly advise against the use of shop bought rat/mouse poisons (rodenticides). They can really do more harm than good. Our qualified technicians use professional products of a far greater strength than those available to the general public. These products need to be administered in such a way as to minimise the risk of secondary poisoning e.g. Harming a non-target species. We are experts in the use of rats and mouse baits. Don’t risk it. Get a professional.

What if you have rats or mice inside your property?

A rat or mouse infestation inside your home is a serious problem. Both rats and mice cause extensive damage and carry many diseases that are harmful to humans. Pest population can grow very quickly so the quicker the problem is dealt with the better!

How did rats get into my property?

At Pestcotek we are highly experienced at finding rat or mouse entry points. We can offer a very thorough rodent proofing service to prevent further infestations.

Trapping and baiting for rodents will be conducted inside the property to ensure the infestation is cleared completely. Areas that have been infested by rodents may be badly contaminated with rat or mouse dropping and urine. At Pestcotek we use a number of professional products to decontaminate areas where needed.

A rodent infestation can be both damaging and stressful. Don’t mess about, Contact Pestcotek today for a free quote. 0800 092 1979.