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Rats can be a very persistent problem to have. They often chew holes to gain access to the soffit and eaves and also under floorboards, and once inside they chew on wires and pipes causing a risk of electrical outages and a fire hazard.

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Rat Facts

Although being able to live in some of the most squalid of conditions, rats & mice (despite common belief) do try to keep themselves fastidiously clean, continually washing and grooming themselves. However, they do carry many harmful diseases and bacteria and are not to be taken lightly especially if you own a food preparation or hotel business where health & hygiene is of paramount importance.

How To Identify Signs of Rats:
  • Rat Droppings – Can usually be found concentrated in certain locations where they are most active. Rats can produce around 40 pellets/droppings per night; rat droppings are a dark brown colour and are tapered in shape similar to a grain of rice.
  • Scratching Noises – Brown rats have adapted to be able to get into loft spaces and into the upper floors of houses and buildings to make their nests and find food supplies. If you hear scratching noises this can be a tell-tale sign of the brown rat. They also can be identified by a distinctive grinding and chattering noise which is known as bruxing, they do this as they scurry around under floorboards and around in walls.
  • Footprints & Running Tracks – Rats can be identified by small footprints and tail trails in the dust and areas of buildings that are not used very often. You can see the footprints in the dust by shining a torch at a low angle across the prints. You can often identify whether there is an active rat infestation by laying down talcum powder on the floor and leaving it overnight. There will be distinctive tracks through the powder leading to where they get in and out.
  • Rub Marks – Rats will often use already established routes along the side of walls and skirting boards as they do not have very good eyesight. The grease and muck they carry on their fur will rub off onto the surfaces they are running along, although this can suggest an active infestation, it is not necessarily an accurate gauge of an active infestation as greasy rub marks can last for a long time.
  • Burrows – Brown rats are very good at digging and creating extensive burrow systems where they have their young and store food. Rats tend to build their burrows next to solid structures of objects for example foundation structures for sheds or garages.

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Damage Caused
  • Rats often chew holes to gain access to the soffit and eaves and also under floorboards
  • Once inside they chew on wires and pipes causing a risk of electrical outages and a fire hazard

Rats transmit serious diseases and disease-carrying parasites into your home or business including:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Lice and Nits
  • Some rats carry Weil’s disease – this is a serious life-threatening disease that contaminates water – and with rats able to climb easily into your attic space and get into your water supply its vital that your rat problem is swiftly dealt with

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