Rat Control Lincoln

Lincoln City council no longer provide a rat control service and as a result we have seen an increase in rat infestations in and around the Lincoln area. The brown rat, which is one of the most common rats in the area, is able to mate at the age of three months old, with females coming into heat roughly every four or five days. These conditions mean the rat can reproduce incredibly quickly. Because of this it is essential if you suspect a rat infestation that you contact our rat control technician in Lincoln. We aim to be with you the same day to start the process of getting rid of the rats.

Although it might be tempting, we always advise that you contact us before trying to remove the rat or rats yourself. Rats can be dangerous when cornered and carry infection and disease so don’t take the risk. Call your Lincoln rat control specialist on 01522 898247.

Rat Facts

  • Rats can fall upto 50 feet without getting hurt
  • Rats are known to tranmit a number of harmful diseases to humans including the plague, Weils disease, viral hemorrhagic fever and Q fever
  • Never attempt to remove a rat from your home yourself, contact the professionals

Our rat control specialists also cover Doncaster, Peterborough, Newark, and all of Lincolnshire, so wherever you are we can help get rid of rats. If you search for “rat removal service near me” you will see our name come up because we can get rid of rats using rat traps and rat poison.

Not only do rats breed at a very young age, their gestation period is only 21 – 24 days. The female rat has a six-hour period when she is receptive to males, and this occurs about 15 times a year. During this period, she may mate as often as 500 times with a number of male rats, and a pair of brown rats can produce as many as 2,000 offspring in the course of a year if left unchecked.

This is why you need to call us the first time you spot a rat in your home, garden, or business, because the last thing you need is to be over-run by hundreds of rats.

Our rat control experts can use rat bait and rat traps to catch all the rats that you have, leaving none behind, so that you do not get another infestation. Call us on 01522 898247 to get rid of all your rats.

Other Areas Covered

If you do not see the area you are in covered below, please call Pestcotek FREE on 0800 092 1979 to see if we are still able to attend to your area. Our rat control areas covered are: