Rat Control Hull

Rats can cause a vast array of problems if not dealt with quickly and effectively. Our rat control services cover the whole of Hull and surrounding areas. Rats can cause a lot of damage to property and carry a risk of serious illness. Things to look out for:

Rat faeces are small brown pellets that are roughly 25mm long

Rats like to chew on things like electrical wiring, through plasterboard walls

Rats leave 2 inch hole in food packaging or rubbish bags

Our rat removal team in Hull are specialists when it comes to dealing with these sorts of pests. If you suspect a rat infestation then contact our rat control team in Hull on 01482 407273

Rat Facts

  • Rats source their food from both inside and outside property
  • Rat populations are most dense in urban areas where access to food is easier
  • Rats breed up to 15 times a year and can produce up to 180 offspring per year
  • Rats leave brown smear marks along walls and skirting boards where they having been running

Other Areas Covered

If you do not see the area you are in covered below, please call Pestcotek FREE on 0800 092 1979 to see if we are still able to attend to your area. Our rat control areas covered are: Call – 01482 407273