Rat Control Gainsborough

In Gainsborough the most common rat species our rat control team tend to deal with are known as the brown rat (Rattus rattus) and the black rat (Rattus norvegicus). Both of these rats are highly adaptable and will quite happily make a home and breed in your property. It is important to catch rat infestations quickly.

If you think you may have a rat problem call our rat control team in Gainsborough to have the problem dealt with promptly and ensure that your rat problem is dealt with effectively so they are less likely to return.

Rats can be dangerous and carry deadly disease please do not attempt to get rid of the rat yourself please contact our Gainsborough rat removal team on 01427 420763

Rat Facts

  • Female rats can mate with up to 500 males during her six hour heat period. This can occur upto 15 times every year
  • Rats spread disease and parasites around the home if not dealt with quickly.
  • Rat’s teeth can grow up to 5 inches per year and keep them short by gnawing on everything and anything

Other Areas Covered

If you do not see the area you are in covered below, please call Pestcotek FREE on 0800 092 1979 to see if we are still able to attend to your area. Our rat control areas covered are: Call – 01427 420763