Rat Control Brigg

Our rat control team in Brigg are on hand 24 hours a day for all infestation enquiries. Having a rat infestation can be dangerous for both humans and pets. Rats carry a large number of diseases which can be transmitted to adults, children and pets. Some of the diseases include Weils disease, bubonic plague all which can be fatal. It is imperative that if you suspect a rat infestation you call our rat control technicians, we cover all of Brigg and the surrounding areas.

If you find a rat in your home, it is not advised that you try to remove the rat yourself. Rats can bite which can spread infection, if you see a rat in your home call our Brigg rat control team on 01652 201657 and we will endevour to be with you the same day

Rat Facts

  • Rats are filthy and carry up to 60 different types of diseases
  • Rats can chew through almost anything including electrical wire, breeze blocks and even lead pipes
  • Rats eats their own poop to harvest the nutrition from it
  • Rats have belly buttons!

Other Areas Covered

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