Rabbit Control Lincolnshire

Signs of Rabbits
  • Rabbits will destroy vegetables in a vegetable patch
  • Plants and flowers are destroyed
  • Rabbit gnawing on plants and leaves will leave a clean cut on the vegetation as apposed to a jagged cuts which are cause by insects
  • Plants with bark will be debarked up to sixteen inches from the ground
  • Rabbit tracks with rabbit scat or droppings which are dark in appearance round pellets roughly the size of peas and often found in piles

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Rabbit Control Specialists

It is the wild rabbits that can cause many issues for those with well stocked gardens and neat lawns. Rabbits can dig holes which can be dangerous for small children playing but can also dig up and eat vast quantities of your home grown vegetables.

There are several humane and effective ways of dealing with a rabbit problem but as with many pest control procedures, it is always best to call in the experts to ensure that any problem is dealt with and to give you peace of mind.

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