Pestcotek Provides Pest Control For Grantham And The Whole County

At Pestcotek, we deal with and control every type of pest species you are likely to encounter in the county of Lincolnshire. It doesn’t matter what it is, we have been there and done that, so unless something arrives from another planet that we have never seen before, we can deal with whatever pest problem you have. Even if something does arrive from another planet, we will inspect it, learn about it, and then know how to remove it. Getting rid of pests is what we do.

There are quite a number of different pests that can get into your home or business, too. Spring is the time of year when Ants become a problem. They can enter the home and cause a nuisance in the kitchen and on work surfaces. Pestcotek use the latest insecticides to achieve full and long term control of ants.

Fleas can be another problem, even if you don’t have any pets. You could live in a block of flats and other residents have pets which could drop fleas on to the carpeting on the stairs. As you walk up the stairs, a flea can jump on you and grab a lift up to your flat. The first you will know about it is some time later when you keep getting bitten, and you suddenly spot a small black flea on your leg. Fleas can also lie dormant in carpets for as long as ten months, so you can be away from home, come back, and find that the fleas have woken up again. All of this is without having any pets yourself.

Of course, if you do have pets and are a responsible pet owner you will ensure that you treat your pet regularly for fleas, but that doesn’t mean that your neighbours will. If you see your cat or dog scratching regularly, it is likely to be because of fleas.

If you live on the outskirts of Grantham and have a nice garden with a vegetable patch and trees, bushes, and flowers, then lucky you. However, if you are close to natural woodland or fields, then you could very well suffer an invasion of rabbits. We don’t really think of rabbits as pests, but when they get into your garden you will change your mind very quickly when they start to demolish your prized marrows, tomatoes, and lettuce.

So if you have any sort of pest problem, don’t go searching on Google for something like “pest control near me Grantham” Instead, just call us here at Pestcotek because we ARE near you. We cover the whole of the county and the surrounding towns as well.