Domestic and 24 Hour Pest Control Sleaford

Pestcotek have a number of pest control technicians that cover Sleaford and surrounding areas. All our technicians use discreet vehicles.

Call us on 01529 449241.

We cover all aspects of pest control including:

Pest proofing

Rodent control

Bird Control

Wildlife Management

Insect Control

We are fully insured and registered with the NPTA. Simply contact us for a free quotation & free advice.

Here at Pestcotek we provide a fast and reliable 24-hour emergency pest control service. From bed bugs to rats, our pest control Sleaford team are on hand 24 hours a day to rid you of your pest infestations. We are well known for our customer service and high standard of work: this combined with an expert local knowledge of Sleaford gives us the upper hand when dealing with pest infestations.


All of our pest control technicians use humane, eco–friendly, and modern techniques. The pests that we deal with include but are not limited to: ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, bees, birds, rats, mice, and many more. If you would like any advice on a pest control issue, please feel free to contact us on 01529 449241.

If you are on the edge of the town, moles and rabbits can be a problem when they get into your garden. You have a beautiful green lawn and then find one day that molehills start appearing. Try as you might, you cannot get rid of that mole, but we are members of the British Mole Catchers Register so you can be sure our mole exterminator will get it for you.

Rabbits, too, can be a big problem if they start getting into your garden and eating your prize plants. Not only do they eat plants, but they also rip the bark off trees up to a height of 16 inches. If they take all the bark off, your tree is going to die, so you need our Sleaford same day pest service if rabbits start invading.

Squirrels can be another problem. Yes, those grey furry creatures that run up and down trees. They will eat berries, buds, acorns, and also tree bark. That can be bad enough, but they often get into the loft and start chewing electric cables, chew on the woodwork, and rip up the fibreglass insulation. Quite often, we find a dead one in the cold-water tank.

Whatever type of pest problem you are suffering in Sleaford, call us on 01529 449241