Domestic and Specialist Pest Control Skegness

Pestcotek are experts in the pest control industry and our pest control team in Skegness is available 24 hours a day.

Our pest control specialists are on hand to remove and prevent all types of pests from insect control, to bird control, to wildlife control and prevention.

Our team are members of the NPTA and are fully qualified in the use of pesticides and humane pest control techniques.

Our pest control Skegness team use only the best equipment in the fight against all pests big and small.

There are a number of factors that can affect pest populations and result in you needing to contact Pestcotek. Population density, especially in town and city centres, is often a contributing factor to a rise in pest populations. Whether it be mouse control and rat control services you need, or cockroach and insect removal in Skegness, we can deal with them all.



Make certain that your pest or rodent problem is dealt with in a proper way to ensure the pest does not return, by contacting our expert pest control team in Skegness on 01754 629357

Our pest exterminator can deal with pests such as rats which can be a danger to human health. The same thing goes for mice. In both cases it is said that if you see one mouse or rat you have lots of them, and there is also a saying that you are never more than six feet from a rat. This seems to be a myth following a comment made by a scientist in the 1990’s that you “may” have a rat within six feet.

However, what is true is that there are more rats in city areas than out in the country, and if you see one you need to call our same day pest service because they spread disease.

We can also deal with infestations of wasps which can be a problem because they can easily sting you, and unlike bees they don’t lose their sting.

Bed bugs also require immediate attention because you have to sleep in the bed at night, and they can get into your headboard, skirting boards, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, and more. Call our same day Skegness pest service to deal with them on 01754 629357 so that you can sleep easy at night.