Pest Control for Mice

Finding mice in your home, business, rental property, and much more is distressing for everybody who comes across them. If you’re having pest problems with a mouse or mice, then our expert pest control for mice team can help. Signs of a mouse problem:

  • Scratching & Gnawing – mice often scurry through walls making quite distinctive scratching noises and gnawing sounds.
  • Droppings – If mice are present, they will often leave small dark faecal pellets behind where they run, for example along the sides of walls or in darkened cupboards, e.g., under the sink.
  • Distinctive Smell – when mice run around, they leave a small trail of urine which has a strong ammonia smell. The smell of the urine can be stronger in places of significant mice activity, for example, in cupboards.
  • Damage – mice need to trip their teeth continuously as they do not stop growing, so they will often gnaw on things like wood, cables and plastic materials, leaving behind tell-tale damage.
  • Nests – mice use shredded materials such as paper, newspaper, and other materials to build nests. They can usually be found behind places like fridges and cookers and will often contain the offspring of the mouse.

Identifying a mouse problem early can help ensure a quick and effective treatment.




Mice carry several pathogens which can be caught by humans, so you need to get rid of them as fast as possible. We use mouse traps to catch and remove all the mice, ensuring that none are left behind. Of course, anyone can buy and use mouse traps, but the skill lies in knowing exactly where to place them in order to catch them all.

How do I get rid of mice in the house? One of our technicians is always on hand to give advice. If you live in Newark, Peterborough, or Doncaster and you are searching for a “mouse removal service near me”, rest assured that we cover those towns as well. For free quotes and fast, low cost, call-outs, call 0800 092 1979.

Frequently asked questions for mice control:

What does pest control do for mice?

Our professional mice control team will use traps to capture the mice that are causing distress in your home or business. Once we have taken care of your mice problem, we will also advise you on how you can prevent another rodent infestation.

What is the fastest way to get rid of mice?

No doubt the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of mice is to hire a professional mouse control team. The reason this is the fastest way to get rid of mice is that a trained pest control team will be able to identify the source of the mice and provide an effective solution to remove them and prevent the rodent infestation from returning.

Professional Pest Control team for Mice

Eliminate your vermin problem today by contacting Pestcotek. Our fantastic team for mouse control will ensure every mouse has been taken care of.

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