Mouse Control Boston

Mice can cause numerous problems when an infestation becomes bad enough so it is always a good idea if you suspect you might have mice to contact your local mouse control team in Boston

Pestcotek offer an expert mouse removal service in and around the Boston area. Here are a few examples of problems that a mouse infestation can cause:

  • Damage to property – Mice can be quite destructive once they enter property they constantly tend to gnaw on things like insulation, pipes and floorboards
  • Food contamination – Mice carry all sorts of different diseases and pathogens in both their urine and faeces including Salmonellosis and Hantavirus
  • Mice like to chew through electrical wiring which can be a fire risk

If you suspect you have a mouse infestation call our mouse control team in Boston on 01205 449 418 and we will be happy to help.

Mice Facts

  • Mice can squeeze through a gap of just 6mm thats about the width of a pencil
  • When it gets cold mice are driven inside houses and property to seek out food sources and keep warm
  • Mice have poor eyesight and use their sense of smell, touch and hearing to navigate around
  • Mice teeth never actually stop growing, which is why they constantly gnaw on things to keep them short

Other Areas Covered

If you do not see the area you are in covered below, please call Pestcotek FREE on 0800 092 1979 to see if we are still able to attend to your area. Our mouse control areas covered are:

Call – 01205 449418