How To Deal With Wasps In Newark

Wasp Nest Removal

If you are worried about wasps, you are not alone. Professional pest controllers get called out for thousands of wasp nest removals every year.

The actual fact is that most of the year a wasp will only sting you if it feels threatened. However, unlike a bee which stings once and then loses its’ sting which stays in your skin, a wasp can go on stinging. Worse still, when it feels threatened it releases a pheromone which attracts other wasps. That’s right. Threaten a wasp and it calls its’ mates for help!

The two wasps that you are likely to see in the UK are the common wasp and the German wasp and both have the familiar black and yellow stripes. The queen wasps hibernate over winter, emerging in the spring to begin building a nest and producing workers. The nest is built of a sort of papier mache which the wasps produce from chewed wood and saliva.

Once the first workers are raised, the queen goes on to produce as many as 500 eggs a day while the workers forage for caterpillars and other insects to feed the young. By mid-summer a nest can contain as many as 5,000 wasps. In fact, wasps are quite useful in that they perform their own sort of pest control, by keeping down caterpillars, greenfly, and so on.

If you see a lot of wasps around, it is likely that there is a nest somewhere nearby. In early spring, the nest may only be the size of a golf ball, but by mid-summer it could be football sized or even larger. You would be likely to find wasps nests under the eaves, in wall cavities, under trees, in bushes, and in your garage or shed. However, they can make their homes anywhere.

If a wasps’ nest is away from the home, say at the bottom of long garden, it may be best to leave it alone rather than trying to treat it with a DIY remedy. These might work in early spring when there are not many wasps but remember that when they feel threatened wasps help one another. If you get stung many times this can cause anaphylactic shock which can kill you. You are always better off calling in the professionals.

If you need wasp nest removal in Newark, Pestcotek can help you. We have access to professional insecticides which are not available to the general public and we also have the right protective equipment to make sure that we don’t get stung. We would normally apply the insecticide near the nest entrance, which the wasps will then carry inside the nest and the colony will die within a couple of days.