Finding A Mouse In Your House Can Be A Shock

It is always a shock when you realise that you have an invasion of pests in your home or your business. For instance, you suddenly see a mouse running across your kitchen floor, and you are so shocked that you don’t even have time to think about trying to catch it, even if you had a chance – which you didn’t anyway. Those mice are a lot quicker than we are.

And yes, we said mice. If you see one, you probably have lots of them. They can run, they can climb, and they are good swimmers too! Here is the bad news: a female can give birth to a litter in three weeks from being fertilised and she can produce anywhere from three to fourteen baby mice. Here is the worse news: a female becomes fertile at just six weeks old.

And here is the really bad news: a female can have between five and ten litters a year! Do the maths! You see why we say that if you see one you probably have lots of them. But most of the time you won’t see them because they hide in cupboards under the sink, behind your cooker, behind your fridge, anywhere where you are not likely to find them and where they feel secure.

The also leave their droppings on the floor (and would you believe they even EAT them? They get beneficial bacteria from them which have lived in their stomachs). The males are very territorial, and they leave traces of their urine behind as they run about in order to warn other males to keep away.

Sure, you can put down mouse traps in Lincoln, and you might even catch a few. But how do you know you have got them all? Then again, you might not catch any because they are crafty little creatures and, as we said, tend to keep out of the limelight where you can’t see them.

This is why you need Pestcotek. As you can see from the above, we know what we are doing when it comes to mice and we know where they run and where to put mouse traps in order to catch the little blighters. We also know that they hide behind fridges and cookers and in cupboards, so we know where to look for their nests and their young.

As with all things, you are far better off using the professionals who do this sort of thing every day, rather than putting down a few traps and hoping for the best. Once we have cleared your mouse infestation, we can also advise you on the correct steps to take in order to see that they don’t ever return.